Saturday, April 18, 2009

Where's my Tao!

Coming to the computer, I find all sorts of messages... Well, actually, ALL of life has messages for you if you are one to look for them :-)
I walked outside the other day and this was my first one. Yes, what a life I have!
For the past few months, it feels as though all four burners have been on high. Life is cooking with all sorts of jobs, projects, obligations with family care, tax prep, art show, clients being added to the list of to-do's ... My plate was not only full, but overflowing.
My pendulum had swung to the extreme right........
and you all know, when it swings one way, it needs to swing back the other way.
The other extreme is what I felt yesterday and it is lingering now.
I'm depleted. I want to rest, regroup, clean up the mess in order to move on to the next project.
Messages today seem to validate that feeling:

"You might also take frequent breaks throughout the course of today and focus on creating a serene mind-set. The more centered you are, the easier it will be to calmly get your points across."
"Allow yourself a break in the action "
Centered. That is what I would like to be, feel..
The middle way.
The Tao.
No extremes, just centered in the middle.
I don't see myself as being still, but move to the right a little and work, move a little to the left and rest (play).
The above astrological messages give voice to what I need to do.. small bites, a little time here and there to balance out the energy. The sun is opposite my natal Neptune, calling for the balance of energetic giving of myself vs. the dreamy down time of doing some art work for myself.
I have to sneak it in, but what my body really wants is fullness of play - yes, the other extreme of a vacation!
But for now, in finding the middle ground, I will take frequent breaks.