Sunday, July 26, 2009

Swan's message

Lessons from Life on the issue of balance... Swan speaks of commitment among other things.
I've noticed how I have commited to things this year that I was unable to complete. It's not something I relish. I like to honor my commitments... but I have been remiss in this area.
I have over committed.. AGAIN. Maybe I'm just naive, thinking I can do more than I am capable of.
My mother used to say my eyes were bigger than my stomach... and this has held true for more than my food appetite.. It is my wanting to participate in all those cool projects, interesting jobs and those things that challenge me to move outside the box.
yes.. yes.. yes.. one too many times. ok, more than ONE too many times.
I'm thinking we should have a mute button on us. I am just too quick on the words without thinking it through. Too impulsive.
I should practice, "I'll get back to you"....
Swan has such grace and I've lost it a few times this summer. MELTDOWN is being kind.
Swans mate for life, which is why they are thought to symbolize commitment... and if I had unlimited time to bring forward all that I've committed to, then I don't really have a problem.
Unfortunately, other's don't see it this way.
As far as the balance thing, over-committing means it leaves scant time for my own stuff... my "thinking process" time, my own art, mandalas, journaling, blogging, my upcoming show of assemblages and shrines... what-in-the-world-was-I-thinking?!?
The new moon eclipse brought up a buried old dream/solution. Starting a morning only Art & Yoga camp for preschoolers 4 days a week next summer. Saying goodbye to 25 years of camp art. There are attachments, but I know I need this for my sanity. It is time to let go.
For balance, I need a committment to myself.
Om :-)