Monday, August 24, 2009

Power of the elements

If there is one thing I have learned, it is the importance of spending time in nature. The power that Nature brings to us... soothing quality of water (until there is too much of it)... clean, clear blue skies (until there is too much of it).. Nature teaches us the importance of balance.
We appreciate rain, when there is too little of it and the sun when there is too much.
Balance of the elements. Balance in our lives.
Appreciating when our lives are in balance, each time working harder to maintain it.
It is appreciated more so when we lose that balance and then find it again.
It is difficult to maintain.
We fall into drama, allow fears, worries and other's opinions, to control our decisions... fear of what? What or who are we listening to, allowing our judgement to be contaminated?
We all need to be media-free for awhile. Turn off the TV, the radio, your cell, computer, and whatever gadget you may be addicted to and spend some alone time, quiet time... just listening.
Listen to nature. Listen to your Self. Your wise, sacred and divine Self. Pass the chatter of ego, you will eventually hear Her or Him.
Please remind me of this.