Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturn's return

As I was writing this morning, it dawned on my how some recent events have been something that have come around.. more like a spiral, but here it is again.
Saturn return most likely has something to do with it.
Saturn returns to it's birthpoint about 29 years and it most likely is around that time that I was teaching a young child art in her home. We made all sorts of things, dolls, painting, etc. and now today I will be teaching her daughters.
Yesterday, I bought 2 boxes of beads and findings from someone and about 29 years ago, I bought all of Rye Art's beads and findings. Ha.. wonder what else the circle of life has to show me with this.
It's life's big mandala.. here I am in the center watching the world go round and round, stopping at interesting places, some which are familiar and some brand new.
All of it exciting though.
This passage, I feel more prepared though, or maybe just more confident, adjusted to life's surprises.
I'm more aware of stuff like this.
More aware of life's messages in the small details of life.
I'm grateful.
I'm more open.
I feel more love.
When we pay attention to these cycles, they can teach us something important.. We've been here before, and now we get a chance to do it again.. maybe this time with more awareness and better prepared and with more love in our hearts.