Saturday, November 29, 2008

Soul Coaching

This book by Denise Linn is my New Moon intention... to do it!

For 28 days, I'll follow the outline of the book.

I'm on day 3.

The full title is Soul Coaching: 28 Days to Discover Your Authentic Self

It seems I am forever in search of myself :-).... actually, I just want to be clear on my purpose.

I do know what I love.. my art, my teaching of both art and yoga, and I want to grow in these areas. No static please, but growth.

Today I declutter the bathroom which is my Knowledge and Self Cultivation area... appropriate :-)

The affirmation is "There is clarity within me and around me" to which I'll add, I am clear in my body and my mind.

I love knowing. I am always in search of knowing.. I want to know why!

I want to study and obtain more knowlegdge so I can pass it on.

Knowlege is a funny thing though.. one can read and read, but if you don't "experience" it - at least for me - I don't hold on to it. I need to experience it inside me, my body, for it to stick... memory in the muscle.

My goals are to more knowledgable in yoga posture - the pose and it's purpose - both for the body and the mind/spirit. I think I tend to get lazy here, so my intention is to go back to "beginner's mind" and study one pose in depth... going deeper than before and bring that to my art as well.

If I am clear in my own mind, I can better teach others, communicate it clearer.

That thought just brought me to what poses to delve into ... side stretches which open up the gall bladder meridian.. to release confusion and to gain clarity.

Side to side.. this way or that way.. get clear and come into balance.


Monday, November 17, 2008

The Thinker

I've been amused by myself lately. Little things that make me laugh at myself, screwed up story-telling, miscommunications, wrong dates...
Yesterday, I was torn between staying at home and going to a Wellness Fair. There were two women I really wanted to meet there, but there was a strong pull to stay home and work on some art projects. Should I go... should I stay... decision making is so difficult for me. Torn.
I went into my art room and got lost in some art making, when I heard a sound that did NOT sound good... something had fallen in the bedroom.
I got up to find my "thinking" frog had leaped off the shelf onto the floor, missing his left foot and the candle (which had been previously lit that morning) over turned.
Immediately, I was grateful that my Gratitude candle was not lit! Then picked up froggy and found his foot.
I noticed it was 1:00. Was froggy telling me something??
If I leave now, I can catch the 1:30 lecture!!! It must be an OMEN!
I'm meant to go.
I grabbed the glue and attached his foot... found a safe place for him to sit upside down while drying.... Heart over Head did not go unnoticed :-)... put on my converse sneakers, grabbed my coat and Peru hat (very windy out)... said, "see ya later" to hubby and I was off.........
Green lights and clear traffic (except one guy that wanted to cross my path) gave me further validation I was meant to go.
I entered the grounds, looking for some sort of sign... no signs?? I asked one guy and he told me to go right.... found another woman and she pointed to the building behind her... I could park along side the road I was on... no other cars??
where is everybody??
(sometimes, it takes me awhile :-)
I walked up the path, thinking, "wow, not a lot of people here means I'll get my choice of sessions"... I check one door and it is locked, another... locked.. I continue up the path..
Notice how persistant I am :-)
A woman comes out to see if I need help.. a very kind woman and when I mention the Wellness Fair, she tells me it's next week.
I laugh at myself.. again.
I over think... and of course I thought about the frog message on the way home..
Maybe he was telling me something else.
Like, clean your room! or maybe that I over think.........

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It is time....

A Truth We Possess
Chaos and Order will always be.
Dark and Light will always be.
These are infinite truths,
and they will not be altered by our will.
Our power is not in our ability to dissolve the shadows,
or to destroy the darkness
or to conquer Chaos.
Our power is in our ability to manifest worlds of Light
from our beliefs,
birth dreams of better worlds
from our desires and create realities of beauty
with our Will.
What we think, we become.
What we fear, becomes us.
What we feel, we come to believe.
What we imagine, comes to be.
This is a Truth we possess,
that possesses us.
This is the Way to realize Heaven on Earth.
This is the Light of our True Self,
shining bright from within,
nourishing and radiating out
the Divine Spark of Creation.
I found this at Creative Astrology - words for the people.
I am feeling very hopeful this morning.
Now I want to paint the butterfly!
She is releasing, leaving the cocoon.
It is time....