Friday, March 12, 2010

Which direction..

I titled this "looking for direction". It is my "process" of moving.. where to move to.
Direction plays a large part. Which window faces east.. north..
Yesterday, this is one of the things I paid attention to as I took a look at an apartment.
Where will the studio be... will the sun shine on me in the a.m.
I have lived in one place for 33 years!
We have a lot of stuff.. some will come with us and a lot of it will not. Much of it will have to be disassembled.
I built our bed.. high off the ground like a loft bed. I made one for Jake too, which became my art table when he moved out.... with shelves built up to the ceiling. Storage under the bed-turned-table.
Jake built me another table with shelves above it for my paints. I built more shelves against another wall.. as I did in the living room. One wall of shelving for our books. Even in the kitchen I built shelves and cabinets. Everything made to fit!
If I took apart these pieces, I would have a LOT of wood and not much in the way of furniture.
There is something to say about starting from scratch. A certain excitment of starting over, doing things differently... having more experience of what works and what doesn't.
And yet, there is also that sentimental side... missing already the work I have done... painted ceilings and walls.. painted how I chose. Not a white wall in sight.
I am a bit concerned about moving somewhere else and having restrictions on this... I need to express myself in my surrounding.. I need a creative environment. I need to paint walls!
Every place I have lived.. ok, not a lot in that department.. but the places I did live in were covered with my art.
It's one of those things where I can be very rooted -as in staying in a place for a length of time... but please give me the wings I need to fly around and be creative... keeping my fingers crossed on this one.