Friday, November 20, 2009

Open Arms

I find it amazing how some days one wakes and just feels great and other times.. not so much.
I feel good today, and I am sure it is because I am aware of life's blessings. This is where my focus is.. the good stuff, all those wonderful things that are going right in my life.
The students I work with, watching them produce some amazing, creative work - a big blessing. I love it when I am giving a student the opportunity to express themselves in some way and it "clicks".
I am feeling good that I was able to help someone special financially and in return it came back to me four-fold!
Today is a day I want to open my arms and take it all in. I want to embrace each moment and because this is what I WANT and focusing on that, that is what the Universe provides more of.
Placing your focus on the good stuff and more good stuff is what appears.

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Laura Hegfield said...

yes...embrace it much to love and enjoy and appreciate in each moment. Such a gift to be a teacher...I miss teaching so much...One who is not a teacher might think that the teacher does all the giving...but I always found that it was a balance of giving and RECEIVING so much from my students!

blessings to you as you maintain this awareness of abundance,