Saturday, November 17, 2012

Putting back the pieces

I haven't blogged in a very long time.  Because of some glitchy stuff with computers, I ended up with too many blogs as well... but I hold on to them anyway.  This blog was about keeping some sort of balance.. between work and play or just with emotions.  How does one maintain the steady peaceful calm when circumstances throw one around... up and down on an emotional roller coaster!
I know we shouldn't let outside circumstance, other people's behavior and all that stuff play us.. but they do. We forget.  We work harder to switch from grumpy, moody, weepy negativity to being ok again.
We are lucky when it happens easily, quickly.. and then there are those times when we just get hammered!
Like lately.. one thing after another and added to it was political tensions around, toilets overflowing, power outages, lose of money from canceled classes, deaths, lack of "free" time and on and on and then the straw.. yup that straw.. broken pottery.
Turn it around.
I learned that Native American weavers purposely put in a flaw into their work.. this is where spirit comes in.
And thus was born the spirit bowl.  Upcycled bowls, a reminder that there is no perfection, that we can see endless possibilities, that we can pick ourselves up and get back on track, rethink the situation.
Today, this spirit bowl sold.  It is filled with gems, a hawk feather and hope.

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Laura said...

there is a kabbalistic teaching, that says leave a corner of a wall unpainted, or a beam unfinished in your remember that our work in this world is not complete... we all have something special to do to bring wholeness to the brokenness of our lives.