Friday, July 18, 2008

Blessing Moon

Early this morning the full moon in Capricorn opposed the Sun in Cancer.
Reading from Moon Circles, I was inspired to do a moon mandala. Kate, from MandalaOasis yahoo group, informed me it was called a Blessing Moon.
Yes. Now I see the blessings being poured down upon the Earth, poured down upon me. I went to sleep with the moon shining in my window and thought... just briefly.. of all my blessings.
I quickly was out... sound asleep.
This moon in Capricorn, an earth sign, along with the sun in Cancer, a water sign.. together form mud or clay, that which creates forms, vessels. I am an Aquarian, the water barer, with a mission to help carry these blessings, share them with the world.
When we focus on our blessings, uplifting us with positive and grateful energy, we are then renewed and able to bring these blessings to others... pay them forward.
We cannot give to others if our well is dry.
Therefore, we must allow the time for ourselves to replenish the well, filling ourselves up with sacred time. Time to explore our soul, healing wounds, forgiving ourselves and others, being compassionate with ourselves.
It is time for self-nurturing.
May you be well blessed during this time.

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Cheryl A Finley: said...

This is truly a Blessing Moon. It is gorgeous and evokes feeling. The moon is especially significant to me because my daughter's name (Kamaria) means "like the moon" in Swahili; since her birth I've been intriuged with the mystery and power of the moon.

And it's intresting you brought up resting, etc., the word "restoration" accompanied me one morning a few weeks go before I got out of bed. I realized that that is my beacon which I am indeed, heeding.

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous creations and insights; and for being Inspiration.