Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Permission to Play

Today I watched as some other counselors, old and young, gave themselves permission to play. They sat with the kids and enjoyed the simple pleasure of coloring and creating.

I started with the older groups and found the project to be a bit challenging and frustrating. No fun if I have to put it together for them and it keeps falling apart.... so I did what I do best... I created a new project with the parts.

Much better.... and more playful :-) We made wishing stars.

Not only that, but the counselors wanted to sit and color and it was so nice to see them get excited about their own creativity.
Summer should be about play and I'm thinking this is the theme of this summer.
My message - to allow and play and not take it all so seriously.
And to share that as well... to encourage others to play.
I heard things today like, "I wish I were young again"... to which I replied, "You can create anytime you wish.. you should always allow yourself some "art time".
Another older counselor said, "I'm going to treat myself" and sat down and created as well.
We all made some magic today.
Make a wish!

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Patricia J. Mosca said...

Yes...We should all take the time to REMEMBER to PLAY with our inner child a little more...LIFE is so much more grand when we do that!!
I have been letting my inner child rule for some 10 years now....SHE IS A DELIGHT!!!!!!!!! LOL