Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mandala of Moments

Movement through time.
Counting each second as we move around from
beginning to beginning.
spiraling upwards through each cycle
spinning through space.
Moving through change
moment by moment
second by second
no stopping.......
During our stay in Phoenicia, each evening I did a mandala.
No music as I usually listen to. Only the sound of the river as we kept the windows open until it was too chilly.
I was more aware of my thoughts and then not, back and forth.
Sometimes, I felt my mind to be so still, I wondered if there were any thoughts at all. But then that was the thought that brought me back to "the voices in my head".
I tried often to watch these thoughts, to get in touch with the "witness", the One behind the thougthts, Me, the True Self... that One.
These mandalas were the catalyst to help me be there, in that space when the mind quiets.
Bliss :-)
Each day, Each moment... make it count, embrace it for what it is.

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Lori said...

It sounds like you had a great vacation and fueled your creativity! Gorgeous!!!!