Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Right Triangle Mandala

During my "forced" cleaning frenzy (due to a leak) I came across some things that were tucked away deep within the recesses of other stuff... piles of stuff... layers and layers of papers and books and all the things I needed to save.
In my journey through all of this, I came across Judith Cornell's Healing Mandala book, which I didn't even realize I was missing it. It became seperated from the rest of the kit.
The other kit that caught my eye is John Michael Greer's cards and book on Geometic Transformation.
I pulled a card. Right Triangle.
So I did a mandala using the right triangle. As I began, it triggered a dream I had about teaching an art class on perspective the night before. I thought that was kind of interesting........
The card's meaning (divination reading) is Proportion. " A card of synthesis, pointing to a time when parts can be brought together to form a new oneness. Everything you see is a piece of the puzzle... what matters is how you put it together. The right triangle calls for you to sort out a wider range of factors; at the same time, it doesn't insist on equality."
What deserves my time... what are my priorities?
It was thought-provoking as I was creating the mandala. As I drew lines, it sometimes created a triangle that wasn't a right triangle.. one side needs to be a right angle.. so I played around until I was satisfied I had created all right triangles (except the area near the circle).
I jumped back and forth between coloring it as a mirror of it's opposite side or to create it as a pattern around the design, alternating colors, which made me think of a pin wheel.
I didn't like it.
So I added patterns inside the colors.... I like it better.
This seems to be more of an exercise in the left brain in the beginning. Problem solving. Attention to detail, logic.
At one point I felt smart. Only way I can explain it... like I could jump into doing some math after this.
Maybe I should do something like this before my taxes.. brain prep.
This changed when I started adding color and patterns which was more free-flowing.

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