Monday, February 9, 2009

The path of Heart

This is one of the mandalas I did as a healing. I believe healing comes with focusing on love.
I meditated on the path we choose to walk.
I choose the path of love.
I choose the path of passion.
My art is my passion, but so is helping ~ comes in the form of teaching or perhaps a better term is sharing. Also in the form of taking care.
Sometimes we must walk a path on our own and ultimately it is always our own path,
but being that we are "here", it is so much better to share the path..
To walk in step with another, side by side.
Sometimes we lead.
Sometimes we follow.
Some of the time, it is alone and sometimes with a group of like-minded souls.
Walk gently and harmlessly on your path,
but walk with passion.
Take bold steps!
Determined with direction.
Walk with balance.
Great strides along with standing still make for variety in life.
I don't think it matters how many paths we choose to take as long as they all lead to love.
Love is the center.
It is home.
It is me.


Kate Jobe said...

This reminds me of a cross-section of a human cell, or a blood vessel, with the hearts as red blood cells, flowing love through the body. Very Cool.

Cheryl Finley: said...

Your art and words always touch me. This mandala reminds me that the path I love. It's good to have a touchstone as a reminder :)

I love this blog...and especially the your art as the banner - that graceful tree...rooted, yet ready to take flight. If you ever turn that into a print, card, etc. please let me know.
Godspeed dear Doreen..