Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Letting go

2008, I'm saying good bye.
Letting you go. I took some time to rewind, appreciating the many wonderful opportunities I had to explore and expand. I made new friends, joined new groups, explored new art mediums. You presented me with some challenges.. I whined, I cried, I prayed..
Things resolved. Sometimes I think miracles occured or angels embraced me and got me through it.
Yes. Love heals I learned as does art.
I came to appreciate what I have more, but also knowing I would rather simplify my life.
I don't need so much.
I've learned how to let go a little bit more.. not always easy, but realized letting go creates space for new opportunities to open up.
and I welcome you 2009 and all you have to offer :-)
Let's spend the year in love and happiness and passionate in what we do.

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Tara Sophia said...

How beautiful. Congratulations on letting go of all that was meant to be left in 2008 and making room for the the new for 2009.

I couldn't agree more that emptiness and simplification of life is what allows us to live fully in the present. In this over-full, over-busy world we live in, we need to consciously create the space for life!