Monday, January 25, 2010

Go There

I have missed blogging. My computer had a virus and I brought it in to the most wonderful computer guys to fix it and now I have my blogs back.
It gave me time to do other things though. I did more journaling and cleaning up.
I discover things when I clean. I focused on my meditation space which I allowed to get cluttered.
When I clean the clutter, dust off the books and objects, I feel as though I am clearing my own energy, my spirit surfacing through the debris... I open up the path to spirit - to my inner sanctuary - removing obstacles, illusions that made me take a detour.
I wandered off in another direction and got a bit lost.
Maybe that is what we need now and then... a detour.
Detours that take you down new roads show us our habits.. some not so good. We need to change the view so we don't become stagnant.
Sometimes it shows us what we have and how good it really is... "Stop comparing and being judgemental."
Those detours can show us we need to travel more lightly, to unload that which we don't really need but carry out of habit or conformity.. someone else's junk.
Maybe the detours are there for a rest... like a vacation. "Stop pushing so hard and let events unfold in their own time."
We take notice more on a detour. We no longer drive down a road we've driven down ten thousand times and no longer see what is around us.
We notice trees, new homes, a rabbit or hawk... our senses perk up. We take that back with us, hold on to it a bit longer.. fresh eyes.
Now we notice something new on the original path.
Now we feel much lighter.
Now the path is clearer and we can move freer, lighter, more observant.
Now I can take the high road.


Laura Hegfield said...

Welcome back! Sounds like this clearing detour was exactly the path you needed to be on. I love when that happens. It is a clearing of energy when we clear "stuff" out of the way. It truly is a wonderful way to see what we have been missing and has been right before our eyes all along!

gentle steps,

Jean said...

Hi Doe,
I've been away from blogging for a while, too. I loved reading your thoughts on the detours in life. I've never quite looked at things that way, and you've really changed my perspective on some things! Thanks for the reminder!

Hope to see you back at CCS,
Jean :)

Ily said...

Inspirational to say the least. I'm big on detours and seeing things with fresh eyes...daily, if possible.

I'll be e-mailing you shortly regarding the Blogger 10 lf '10 project (sketchbook art, poetry, etc.). I hope you join us.