Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Drinking it in

It is nature that I learn the most from. Life can throw lots of stuff at us and we can easily get caught up in it. It has been a bit of a whirlwind and now the dust has settled and I took some time for myself today. There was nothing pressing that I HAD to do, so I gave myself the gift of time... took my camera and went for a walk.
I took in the beauty that surrounded me. We seem to be about a month ahead on the blossoming of things. Usually, the lilacs come out for mother's day, but not this year... it's all out.
I leisurely took my time, photographing what caught my eye until I got to my destination.. mom's house. She has a lilac bush out front, so we sat on the porch and chatted.
Just as we were about to go in, we had a visit.
Mom pointed out the butterfly and I snapped away... thank you butterfly for your message.
Drink in the nectar of life. Drink it in now. Don't wait.
Drink it in deeply.
thank you.


Karin Bartimole said...

What a beautiful shot! It's one thing to have the lilacs blooming this early, but to have seen this beautiful specimen, too - what a gift!! Glad you and your mom got to 'drink it in' together :)

Laura Hegfield said...

drink it in indeed! Our lilac bush just opened this past week too...and the fragrance is butterflies though.

blessings to you.

Cheryl Finley: said...

Yes.. the Lilacs are out early...and their heavenly scent romances me before I even see them! On my walk home from the train it's been a plethora of lovely scents...seems like the different colors have different scents, white vs. purple.

And, I was just thinking this morning how Nature's wisdom and medicine is all around (and how I only need my interpretation of their essence and presence). Just this morning as I was walking, and stepped over dozens of ant hills, reminded me of their persistence and how they just get in there and do it! They don't take themselves out of the running with doubts and negatative self-talk. Reminded me of the ant and the rubber tree plant song. That's the animal wisdom I received just a few hours ago..and will apply it liberally to all my excuses, procrastination, etc.

Last night on my walk home from the train, I picked a single Gingko tree leaf (was my mom's fav) to let it counsel me. For me, their message is about the "beauty of balance & harmony"..and how our uniqueness, in spirit and form comes through when we allow this, just like their unique shape. Hmm..looks like I'm in process of creating my own nature medicine book/journal; the medicinal counsel is bursting through as I write and reflect. Now, to gather it all to create it. Thanks for the inspiration.