Saturday, November 29, 2008

Soul Coaching

This book by Denise Linn is my New Moon intention... to do it!

For 28 days, I'll follow the outline of the book.

I'm on day 3.

The full title is Soul Coaching: 28 Days to Discover Your Authentic Self

It seems I am forever in search of myself :-).... actually, I just want to be clear on my purpose.

I do know what I love.. my art, my teaching of both art and yoga, and I want to grow in these areas. No static please, but growth.

Today I declutter the bathroom which is my Knowledge and Self Cultivation area... appropriate :-)

The affirmation is "There is clarity within me and around me" to which I'll add, I am clear in my body and my mind.

I love knowing. I am always in search of knowing.. I want to know why!

I want to study and obtain more knowlegdge so I can pass it on.

Knowlege is a funny thing though.. one can read and read, but if you don't "experience" it - at least for me - I don't hold on to it. I need to experience it inside me, my body, for it to stick... memory in the muscle.

My goals are to more knowledgable in yoga posture - the pose and it's purpose - both for the body and the mind/spirit. I think I tend to get lazy here, so my intention is to go back to "beginner's mind" and study one pose in depth... going deeper than before and bring that to my art as well.

If I am clear in my own mind, I can better teach others, communicate it clearer.

That thought just brought me to what poses to delve into ... side stretches which open up the gall bladder meridian.. to release confusion and to gain clarity.

Side to side.. this way or that way.. get clear and come into balance.



Chaska said...

From where I sit, you are trying too hard. I believe it's about "allowing". The harder we push, the more elusive that which we are insisting on finding becomes. If you stand still, and open your heart, it will all be revealed.

Joanne Gover Yoshida said...

Yoga is wonderful, isn't it.
I feel lucky to have found a wonderful teacher here, the style is Iyengar yoga so the focus is on each pose, its very disciplined in a way and yet I like having to be on the mat and move so slightly to find such differences. I am not quite sure how to be that way in 'life' yet but reading your post makes me at least open up to it.
Hadn't noticed this post before, neat that you are a yoga teacher.