Monday, October 19, 2009

Dancing on the Edge

Balancing act.
My Sunday doodle while relaxing with hubby. He coloring (took my markers) and me doodling and mandala-making. Although the "should-haves" danced around my head, I relaxed.
Doodling is the art of allowing.
It's later that I "see" what my subconscious wants to say to me.
The image is on the edge, but it's not very high, so if I fall off, I won't have a long way to go.
It's not a big risk.
I noticed a mitten (winter) on one side and a butterfly on the other (summer).
The extremes again. The duality of life.
As a body, water is at the level of the throat chakra. To me it's symbolizing my emotional expression, something I have been more comfortable with, but still need to conscious of. To express my feelings has been a challenge for me, but I am working with it.
The creative eye, the third eye, is peering through two mountains. Two obstacles.
One I know, the other I'm not sure about..
Snow behind me, falling into the water. Coldness melting into the open seas.
Ah. That is my cold, seperate-self, the one that can push other's away.. it is the self that gets caught up in ego stuff, the need to be right.
melt away... melt away...
I am not seperate, but part of the whole.
I am the ocean and the drop.
We all are.
And it is through love, that the realization happens.
We each carry our light and that light is to be shared with others.
It is the talents we have that are to be spread out into the world, the light of our true self, the light of the divine within us, each of us, that needs to be given away in order for it to be returned to us.
see, the doodle can tell us many important things :-)


Vicky :o) said...

Hi Doreen, I love this doodle because I feel like you have captured what balance is all about--it is active and dynamic; it's never static. When I think about balance, I always think about when I'm riding my bicycle. I think if I could see me in slow motion, I would see that I am constantly making corrections to keep my balance. And I think that's what your doodle shows so wonderfully.
Cheers, Vicky Lynn :o)

Cheryl Finley: said...

Doreen..what incredible gifts you share with us...what much for me to resonate with; especially the throat chakra. Isn't it something how the insights flow.(like Pat Allan's Studio Process). I also love that you say doodling is the art of allowing.