Friday, October 16, 2009

Where have I been?!?

My husband and I exhibited our art together, which is still up. Photos on the art blog :-)
This was one of the highlights of our year.
Very exciting! Great energy.
We've got so many more ideas cooking :-)
I have learned so much about my Self these past few months, and where I find myself in balance. My art, my spiritual path are highest priorities for me and sharing what I find. My husband and I walk together on this path moving towards a special place where we can share with others.
The most important lesson for me has been to connect with my heart center, keep the heart open, using the breath to stay centered and in the moment.
Some harder lessons of "space" and letting go, looking at a bigger picture, attachment.. these were the challenges and knocked me off my center.
But, I get back up. I try to do better and find compassion for my self. Yoga helps.
It is one of my activities that grounds me, humbles me, and keeps my heart open.
A blessing of community.
Have a most wonderful day... and be grateful :-)

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