Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chaos alert!

I think I need to start recording this with photos. There was a moment of chaos today, but I stopped and put some "stuff" in order and I felt better. I need to keep a handle on all this and not let it get out of control... and I can see that it can - very quickly!
More boxes packed today.. some photo albums, my portfolio, some art supplies.. but the day was cut up too much with other obligations.
tomorrow is another day. I drop John off at the hospital and will come home to work on the living room... behind the chair.. in the closet....oooooh, scary... haven't been in there in a very long time. My paintings are there and supplies. They've become so inaccessible that I cannot imagine the dust!
I've packed up some art work that other people have done from RR's. The metal project is one of my favorites, but art dolls and some other art journals too.
I put some clothes in a bag for goodwill or the thrift shop.. some books went to the library, but they won't take any more... lack of room.
I found some paint which is still good and I'll use for living room and dining room. Have the bedroom paint as well, but I am not sure about the art room.
This I really need to think about and of course that is the first room available for me to paint.
It's an east window... facing the back, and only one window.. it's also the "fame and reputation" center which calls for red but no way will I paint a room red... especially an art room.
I'll have to sleep on it and then visit the paint store tomorrow.

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