Friday, August 13, 2010

Today was the last day of camp and "coincidentally" the call came to say they would most likely be moved out by the 24th... which means we can pretty safely say we'll be moved in for Sept. 1.
The last two days have been good with everything coming together, flowing and moving toward a positive direction. Information coming to us that we had been waiting for.
Movement towards.
It is hard to wait.. wait for the next step, but it all has it's place.
Waiting teaches us patience but also teaches us to trust.
Trust the process. The timing of events happens in it's own course. Not my will, but Thine!
The ebb and flow of movement, like the phases of the moon. Sometimes it is time to wait, to rest, to plan... then to see the movement, the growth, just like watching the new moon waxing.
It teaches me. I learn to accept, to allow. I am more comfortable being the one to give, take care of but I am now receiving the help from others. Accept it. Allow the gifts, the help.. it is the greater ebb and flow.. I give. I receive. It is a blessing I am learning to accept graciously.
It is an odd role for me. "oh, no.. that's ok, I'll do it...." and why - why did I always feel I must carry on the weight with out asking for help. It is not a familiar role for me to ask anyone for help.. and now, I have not asked, but am being offered. That is why the feels more like a gift from the Universe.. special people, like angels - offering help in many forms.
I am grateful.
Tomorrow starts the serious packing. Knowing there is a better chance of this move occurring before the end of the month, I can get myself in gear. Motivation!
I am feeling very blessed.
Tomorrow, I work in the art room.


Laura said...

I've not been by in such a long time. Please forgive me. I just want to take a brief moment...a breath or two in this message to send you support and love on this healing journey.

gentle steps

LauraX said...

Haven't heard a peep from you in so long...just want you to know that there are people out here still thinking about you:)