Sunday, August 1, 2010

A month to move

How can I make this fun and at the same time record, analyze this process and to be sure I keep my balance with all that is going on. I'll have to post some pictures during this mad process - but for now i need to just write.
I have lived here for 33 years.. same apartment.. small. Four rooms and pretty much packed with stuff ... art stuff and books take up most of the space.
Art stuff includes art supplies for myself, art supplies for the classes I teach and art work I have created - both mine and my husbands.
Being that it is a small space, I created shelving. Both beds were built by me and my husband. They are like decks and actually, that's where I got the idea from. My mom was having a deck built and I followed that same process. It's about 4 ft. high and worked really well for storage underneath. I followed it up by building one for Jake... only this time I tried doing it myself.. the impatient part of myself soon learned it wasn't the best idea, but I did it anyway.
Once Jake moved out, his bed became a table to work on and being that it was against the wall, it seemed reasonable that shelves would soon follow.. up to the ceiling... and of course, great storage underneath.
Besides the two beds, other shelves were built for books. Many, many books. John seems to think a good 60% of all our stuff is books and I think I may have to agree.. at least 60%.
And that's were I started.
Day one:
Packing books.
The Virgo rising part of me knew there would have to be some organizing I'd have to do with this.. sorting them into categories. This way art books can go into the art room, my astrology, yoga and spirituality books into the bedroom... I have two full (and heavy) boxes with just yoga books and there are probably enough to fill another box. Not sure what to do with all the yoga magazines yet.
Art books get divided into teaching children, art instruction, art/spirituality and there is a tower of them so far.
Novels are easy enough to let go of...not so much these other books.
I still have my first copy of Be Here Now by Ram Dass!
So, this is day one. The idea of today was to empty one bookcase in the bedroom and get rid of the book case which I built to make some room to stack these boxes.
What I keep in sight is how we will have more space in this new place, and that keeps me motivated. A new art room to set up....
and now - back to work.


sfauthor said...

In case you need *even more* yoga books:

JoTee said...

Dear Doe,
Moving is a proper pain in the caboose. I have moved more times than I care to remember.

Something very spiritual happened to me when I "downsized" many years ago, I felt a "total cleanse" & then "a reborn" experience.

Look at your move as a "spiritual move" a place to "renew/re-energize, regroup".

Many years ago I thought of change as a "pain in the as-" now I look at it as a "better way".

Your guardian angel will be there on your shoulder helping you with all the choices you need to make.

So hang in there, making a "new nest" can be fun if you let it.

Hugs Jody

Doe Grozs Art said...

No. don't need any more yoga books for now :-)
Jody, I am really looking forward to re-creating a new space. I am trying to share these things with others.. give away what I can.