Sunday, June 15, 2008

Centering in the Storm

I am in mandala mode.
I'm also reading and focusing on the chakras.
Asked the question, "What calms me?" This came to mind.
Being still.
To be still in the chaos that surrounds us, what a wonderful gift that would be...
and what brings us there?
The breath.
The mind will follow the breath... then the body will follow the mind.
As we breathe in deep full breaths, our minds will quiet, become calmer and our body will relax. We become calm.
It is such a powerful tool. We carry it with us everywhere we go.. we just need to bring our awareness to it.
Every deep and wonderous, divine breath, I am grateful.


yertle said...

Oops, I was updating my sons blog and accidentally posted as him. It was really met who left the last comment.

Cheryl Finley: said...

Oh Doreen,
What a gift to be able to "center in the storm". I do feel the peace at the center, and the joyful color radiating. It delights my senses.