Sunday, June 29, 2008

Light my path

I wish my path - the one I should take - would be well lit.
That is just what I wish, but what the truth is, no matter what path I do take... it is the path I should take. No matter what path we take, it is there to teach us something. We learn, no matter what. Maybe one path is harder and the lesson is tougher, and other times when we can skip down that path, feeling the lightness of our being.
Not today.
Today, my path feels heavy. Clouded. I'm very cranky with a toothache. There are these "should-haves" running across my mind, and although they will make my life easier for tomorrow, today I just wanted to have some time for me.
Done. No going back.
Today, I chose "grumpy".
Tomorrow is another day.


Mai-Liis said...

Yes, isn't it wonderful that we get to make new decisions as we go along?
I have been wondering when you will decide to go to the dentist.....I hope camp goes well in spite of a tooth-ache!

Lisa said...

Sometimes "grumpy" is all we got. lol I hope your tooth feels better soon. Your mandala actually feels very hopeful to me. The candles are wonderful.

(Hi up there, Mai-liis!)

Cheryl A Finley: said...

Hi Doreen,
Yeah, I know what you mean; and physical pain adds to that, believe me I know that all too well. And..even tho I'm figuring it out bit by bit, someway that pain (that I've had 10 years) is escorting me to my Greater self. That sounds good on paper, and is even more challenging while in the bed working w/it on a spiritual level over and over and over again and trying to "surrender" the trapped energy that the pain is. It's not an easy or simple road.
I've made great strides, finally. point is, whatever "it" is, be it physical or emotional discomfort, it can be a "light onto our path" and we all find that in our own way (I'll be glad to talk about this further via email if you want). It's important that we let who and what we are come thru our we can see it...and work to transform it.

I didn't see your mandala as dark, I saw it as a rich, deep tapestry. As time goes by you might look at it and see something that sparks an insight. I wouldn't be surprised!